40 ways to make running more fun

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Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start running, run more or run faster, you will probably hit a rut at some point and won’t feel like lacing up. Here’s a list of sure-fire ways to make your running more fun… keep it on hand and try something new when you need a little motivation.

  1. run with someone faster than you and try to keep up
  2. run with a newbie and share your expertise
  3. pace a friend during their ultramarathon
  4. work an aid station
  5. run somewhere new
  6. get lost
  7. run until your legs give out, then take Uber home
  8. run where there’s a crowd (find a festival, ballgame, shopping area, campus, etc…)
  9. run during a full moon rise
  10. run at sunrise or sunset
  11. run at night
  12. run a trail at night
  13. run on Saturday evening where there are lots of night clubs or outdoor restaurants
  14. run to a bar for a beer
  15. run to or from work (and laugh at the people stuck in traffic)
  16. actually run to the store when you only need to pick up a few things
  17. buy a new piece of running gear (gps watch, fitness tracker, shoes, shorts, jacket, etc…)
  18. pick a destination, but not the course… figure that out on the fly
  19. register for a race
  20. show up at a race you didn’t plan on running and do a same day registration
  21. drive to a nearby small town and run there
  22. find a nearby park with a trail and run laps (see Urban Dirt for some great ones)
  23. go for a long, slow run if you normally run fast
  24. go for a short, fast run if you normally run slow
  25. run laps on a track
  26. take five $1 bills to hand out to people who look like they would appreciate it
  27. run and meet your friend/spouse/significant other at church/a restaurant/a store
  28. go for a long run with nothing but your credit card and buy drinks and food along the way
  29. buy a mileage sticker and tape it to your mirror to keep you motivated to train for a big race
  30. crack open a beer and drink it while running on a treadmill
  31. take your dog with you (and let him lead the way)
  32. use Google Maps to string together interesting parks or neighborhoods
  33. squeeze a run into your lunch break
  34. keep a pair of shoes, running clothes, water in your car so you can stop for a run anytime (pack wetwipes to clean up with afterwards)
  35. if your family doesn’t run, have them join you on bikes
  36. set a treadmill to the steepest incline and see how long you can run for
  37. find a 5K or 10K and run through the course or join the race for a few blocks (just don’t get in anybody’s way)
  38. take public transportation or Uber to a starting location and run home without looking at a map
  39. when you go on a road trip, stop somewhere along the way for a run
  40. find a cool photo of your city, then go for a run and try to figure out where the photo was shot from

Have any other great ideas? Post them in the comments and help your fellow runners!




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