Urban Dirt

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Do you love running trails, but don’t always have the time to drive to North Georgia for a run?
Are you a road runner who wants a little variety and some soft ground to help prevent injury?
Have you always wanted to try trail running, but don’t know where to go?

After having run thousands of miles while exploring Atlanta, I’ve found the hidden trails inside the Perimeter and want to share them with you. Some are short loops (a great alternative to the track for speed work) and some are longer with more options for exploration. Find a trail near you home or office for a quick run before work or at lunch (or while waiting for traffic to die down after work), or find a trail near your next appointment and stretch your legs on the way home. Even better, string together several trails and turn your weekend long run into an exciting mix of dirt and pavement. (Gold stars indicate longer routes that connect multiple parks)